I just want to say THANK YOU so, so much for all your prayers, gifts, hard work and support in this difficult time for us. Thank you for taking your time to visit this page and for all wonderful comments you post, they warm our hearts.  You are people who go out of their way to make things better for others, people who take time to care.  You are all angels sent from God to help us thru this difficult time, as we care for our precious son.  Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated. Jonathan is doing a little better each day. He has therapy
7 days a week, so he is working very hard each day on his speech, and physical and occupational therapies.
He is a happy boy and just loves and appreciates all the cards, gifts and prayers that were sent his way.
Once more, from the bottom of our hearts I want to say thank you for everything.
God Bless.
- Halina & Kris
Jonathan smiling
Jonathan enjoying a little sunshine.
Jon is doing well at duPont and his PT & OT's are going well!  He gets back exhausted!  So you know he is working hard!!  He had some slight issues with blood pressure yesterday but nothing to be overly concerned about.  Jon is having visitors everyday and loves that his friends and family are there to help and support him or just to say hello and see that smile on his face makes everyone feel so... much better.  Kris and Halina are doing good themselves. Their schedules are busy between the rehab center and home .  Kris is getting back to work himself, but family and friends are waiting to be able to help at any time.  Katie is now playing softball and enjoying her new teammates from around the Northern Burlington region. Please keep the prayers and comments coming.  These words of encouragement are so wonderful!!
Thank you all!

What an incredible event for the Zdybels and Tezslas yesterday.  The love and good will that was in the air I have never witnessed before.  This just shows you that we live in a world where people do care.

Thank you Tera and Shannon for your hard work.  Thank you to everyone else that was involved but I didn't mention your names, there were so many of you working so hard to plan this event!!!   Thank you to all the sponsors, the bands and to everyone that came out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to support these two great families.

- John
Went to see Jon yesterday and when I walked into his room I saw  a little boy with a HUGE smile on his face. 
He is doing really well and  his positive attitude was amazing.    He was talking and happy to see his cousin Jake and gave us a big thumbs up.  It was a great afternoon of playing on the I Pad , Jon told us a few jokes and ate 2 slices of pizza as we all had lunch together. He was one hungry boy!!  Jon is doing well with his PT & OT and comes back exhausted.  Can not wait to see him again and see the great progress he is making!! Katie and family are doing well and happy that Jon is progressing.
The transition went very smoothly  to Dupont yesterday.   Mom and Dad are settling in as well and are very
comfortable with the facility  that they chose for Jon.  Katie is well and is looking forward to seeing her brother in  his new home for the next few months.   Jon started his first round of physical therapy this morning. Be strong and brave little man!!
Good luck to Jonathan and his family, today they will be making the switch to DuPont.  Let's hope for a smooth
- John
Thank you
As we are getting ready to leave Cooper University Hospital, and make our way to Alfred DuPont Rehabilitation in Wilmingtom, DE, we want to say thank you to all of our doctors, nurses and staff members who had done their very best to help us in this difficult time and took the best care of our Jonathan.  We thank all of you from the bottoms of our hearts.

It isn't often you find people as dedicated and special as you.  People, who go out of their way to make things better for children, people who take time to care. We will miss the kind attention by the sweet nurses and staff.  Your thoughtfulness was really appreciated… and so are you.

We would like to congratulate Cooper for having such professional, caring, patient and just fantastic staff.

You will be always in our hearts….

Halina, Kris, Jonathan and Kaitlyn Zdybel

Jon had a great weekend of  cousins and friends visiting .  Jon had many young visitors to come see him this
weekend he loved it.  Dad said how Jon is getting stronger and wanting to speak and be with his friends.  His speach is progressing everyday.   Jon only has a few more days left at Cooper and than he will be starting the next Chapter at  the Rehabilitation center.
-- John
I went to visit Jon in the hospital today. When I went to his room he was not there. They had taken Jon to get an MRI on his lower lumbar, the results came out great as they did not see any issues. As they rolled Jon into his room he glanced over and said hi John uncle, I was awe! I asked him how he was feeling and he gave me a thumbs up!! and than said Thank you!!! I could not believe what I was seeing or hearing. While there Dad and Jon where doing a little of their own physical therapy with his legs and Jon was counting to 10 as Kris lifted each leg 10 times.

I stayed in the hospital for more than 5 hours this visit, this was longer than any other visit since the injury. I did not want to leave!
Kris told me yesterday they had Jon sitting in a chair in his room for over an hour , his neck and body are wobbly, but he will regain that strength in rehab.

They moved Jon to the other side of the ICU unit which means that he will be ready to go to a rehabilitation center by mid next week. The pictures that Kasia posted that were in Jon's original room are all down and the family has begun to tape them up in the new room even though he will only be there for possibly 4 more days. They love every one of them!!

Tonight is going to be a special night for Jon as he will be having some of his friends visit him for the first time. Jon was excited and gave me a smile as I asked if he is excited to see his friends, I asked if he knew who was coming and he mentioned the 3 boys' names.
Jon has a long way to go for recovery as his journey will really just begin once he gets out of Cooper and into the rehab center.
Thank you again for all the posts and prayers.

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    The Zdybel Family is touched by the overwhelming support shown by their family, friends, and neighbors.  This site will be used to communicate updates to people around the world who continue to pray for Jonathan.  Thank you!

    John Fryc


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