This week Jonathan got to go to his school for a visit with his classmates and again to cheer the students at field day. He had a wonderful time, he was very happy to see his friends, teachers and staff. His favorite thing was that he got to eat lunch with his buds.
Today we went to Cooper University Hospital in Camden to visit with our friends. It was so nice to see the nurses and doctors that helped to save Jonathans life, we owe them so much!  We are sad that we didn’t get to see everyone, but we will be back again.  Jonathan and Kaitlyn gave some balloons and teddy bears to other children that are in the hospital right now to brighten their day.  It was so nice to see all of us smiling.  Another good day for the Zdybels!
Today we had a Team meeting, Jonathan’s team agreed that because he is doing so great, he will come to therapy 4 days a week and have one day a week for schooling. They also scheduled his first official visit
to his school for June 4th!  Still have a lot to work on but he is moving forward very nicely!!!
Thank you, to all the children that made "get well" cards and posters for Jonathan. They are all so wonderful and special. THANK YOU!
Thank you for your support and prayers for me, God Bless - Jonathan
Yay!  We are so happy the neck collar is off!
The Zdybels enjoyed some family time on Mothers Day at the Joint Bases Air Show.
Jonathan was on all of the local news channels and in the local paper.  Read about and SEE his remarkable progress by visiting these websites:
CBS News
ABC News
Burlington County Times Story
Burlington County Times Photo Gallery
Burlington County Times YouTube video
Another good weekend for the Zdybel’s. Jonathan had fun celebrating his sisters 9th birthday. Even though he could not participate in the “Booger Wars”, he enjoyed having fun with few friends and cousins at Kaitlin’s birthday party. He loved the cake, pizza and especially the chips (not too many, we are still watching his sodium, he has high BP do to kidney swelling). Doctors visit today, tomorrow back to the rehab to work super hard.

Jonathan's first unofficial visit to school for Fine Arts Night!
 He was so happy to see his friends!!!

Jonathan had a great weekend. He is no longer an inpatient, he got to sleep in his own bed for the first time since accident! He did a little bit of shopping and got Rita's ice. He was happy to see some friends and go out for dinner. Now, we will have to drive to DE five days a week for full days of therapy, but we get to be home for the weekends and nights. Jonathan is working very hard in therapy, doing his best!
- Halina & Kris

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